Ipnotica 360 Degree Virtual Tours can be as simple as one view or as complex as internal talking characters who guide users through a fully interactive 3d experience. We have created this pricing calculator so you may make a custom package that suites your vision. Submit the pricing with your contact info at the final step so we may contact you and arrange a consultation. This form is not a commitment to buy but rather a detailed way to connect with our staff.


360 Degree View Quantity

Choose a 360 Degree Virtual Tour package that is right for you. The more views you choose the better the deal.

Tour Elements

Splash Image (Provided by Client)

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Example of 360 degree virtual tour with a splash image by ipnotica360A splash Image is a JPEG Image file that has information about the virtual tour that appears as soon as the user loads the tour. It can stay for 5-30 second or stay untill the user clicks the close button.

Client Logo that links to website

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logo_exampleA logo image can be placed on any corner of the 360 tour. It can depict anything but be no larger than 100px X 100px. The logo can also be a link to any website of your choice.

Hotspot Image (Provided by client)

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hotspot_exampleA hotspot is an internal image within the 360 degree virtual space that can link to another 360 view, a website or call an image file. Such clickable hotspots can be useful for art galleries wanting to enlarge an art piece on the wall. The hotspots can also be used to navigate through the virtual tour

10 Hotspot Images (Provided by client)

Save when you buy a package This is a nice package for someone wanting to convey important information within the virtual tour in multiple areas.

20 Hotspot Image (Provided by client)

Save when you buy a package. This is a great package for an art gallery wanting to enlarge photos. Photos can be shot by Ipnotica photographer for an extra charge or client provided.

Video (Client Provided)

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video_exampleVideo can be placed anywhere in the virtual tour. It can be static(won't move when you explore 360) or it can be integrated into the 360 (ie be placed on a TV screen) Not visible on iPhone/iPad. Another example, Click TV to See Fire

Interactive Floor Map (Client Provided)

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floorplan_exampleThe interactive floor map is a print of the property, facility or location with buttons that call the different 360 degree views. The map must be provided by client in JPG format. All design and formatting not done by client can be done by Ipnotica for $60 an hour. Not visible on iPhone/iPad.

Virtual Commentator Video

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commentator_exampleA talking commentator can be placed in the virtual tour with up to 30 seconds of dialog (client provided) The video will be produced by Ipnotica with either a professional female or male speaker. Not visible on iPhone/iPad.