Our Team

Antonio Scontrino, Ph.D.

Founder and Visual Communication Leader


Antonio Scontrino is a professor of Visual Communication, specializing in Photography and Graphic Design in technology programs for over 20 years. After obtaining an MBA, he worked for advertising agencies in the United States and Europe as a commercial photographer. Antonio displays his artwork in museums and gallery nationally and internationally. Antonio brings a high-level of technical and creative skills to innovative projects. Understanding the importance of image, technology, and creativity for businesses to compete in the global market, he continues incorporate cutting edge approach to solve technical and creative challenges. He continues to conduct research in visual communication and presents at conferences on Corporate Image, Creative Recruitment, and Converging Technologies. Contact Him Directly


Kahlil Calavas, B.S.

Lead Designer and Programmer


Kahlil Calavas studied Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography, and Business Marketing at Central Connecticut State University. He is by nature an explorer, discovering the most effective way to address the technical needs of our customers. Kahlil enjoys traveling coast to coast in the United States and Latin America to help our diverse clients to find the best technical solutions to their business needs. From 360 Degree Virtual Tours to programming the interactive elements such as maps and videos, he continues to push the envelope of creative technologies. Kahlil is a committed and dedicated member of our team who strives to surpass customer expectation.Contact Him Directly

Petulia Blake, ABD

Consultant Director

Petulia-BlakePetulia Blake lectures in business and technology management programs. With over 15 years of business development, talent development, and training experience in corporate, non-profit, and academia, she brings a great deal of experience and knowledge to our creative team. Petulia is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Human Resource Development and Training and holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Management. She is a member of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) and is quite passionate about research and practice in sustainable development.Contact Her Directly